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7 Easy Mindfulness Practices to Relax (and get Results)

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 Has this ever happened to you? (NO JUDGMENT!)

You’re driving home from work or the grocery store and when you get home, you can’t remember part of the trip …

Or you’re in the middle of a great movie on Netflix – and you look down and have no idea how the entire bowl of popcorn is gone …

Or you go into the kitchen to get something and you can’t remember what or why?
These are all signs you need some MINDFULNESS in your life!

“Mindfulness” is super trendy right now - and for a VERY good reason! It can teach you to get you out of your head and into the present...

Which can have amazing benefits for your health (and results)!
  • Less stress
  • Better memory
  • Lower emotional reactivity
  • Improved focus
  • Flexible thinking
  • And even increased immune function!
Basically, it increases your “chill” factor.

Plus, you probably already know that having too many stress hormones in your system can make it harder for your body to metabolize fat …
and it also encourages belly fat storage!

Being more mindful can help you cut the stress ... but so can incorporating some simple daily activities into your routine.

7 Easy Mindfulness Practices to Help Your Results

1. Eat slowly. Notice your food before you eat it – how it looks, smells, and tastes – and take your time to enjoy it.

2. Avoid multitasking. When you’re doing 3 things at once it can feel like you’re unstoppable, but the truth is it’s actually not as efficient and it makes it hard for your brain to focus.
Give yourself permission to do just one thing at a time, and watch your stress levels reduce almost immediately!

3. Listen. When you’re having a conversation with someone, really listen to what they say (vs. thinking about what you are going to say next).
This can help boost your focus, reduce your stress, AND improve your relationships (another stress-buster).

4. Make it a routine. Pick a certain part of the day – your morning commute, a lunchtime walk – to simply focus and be aware of all the sensations created by the environment surrounding you. And do it every day!

5. Mix it up. Do something DIFFERENT to see the world in a new way. Change where you sit at a meeting, take a new route when you’re driving, try new food, read a book instead of listening to it.
This can 1) improve your focus and 2) give you a new perspective!

6. Give your thoughts or feelings “names.” When you start thinking or worrying about something – a work evaluation, a presentation, or even the state of the world – say to yourself something like: “This is just a thought about my work evaluation.”
Naming them can take away some of their power and it also can help you recognize patterns in your thinking/moods.

7. Breathe! Take breaks through the day and focus on breathing in and out through your nose deep into your belly. This works with your nervous system to help you feel calm and focused.

Note: There are tons of other ways to improve mindfulness – go outside in nature, create a relaxing evening wind-down routine, journal, etc. Do what works for you – and do it intentionally.

The point is to slow down your thoughts and RELAX. :-)

Your body (and brain) will thank you for it! If you are on the fence and would like help in getting your nutrition, eating and fitness on track then let's connect for a starting point session. Let's talk about an individualized plan that can help you achieve amazing results. Schedule HERE

Make it a mindful day :)



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