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One Workout Away…

4 things I wish I knew sooner about fitness

  Hindsight is 20/20. If I could go back and start my fitness journey again, I would do it differently. Here are four things that I wish I knew earlier about fitness. 1. You don’t have to be perfect! I spent a LOT of time trying to be perfect with my nutrition. Same with my workouts. It only resulted in periods of burn out and NOT wanting to workout out at all. Be flexible in your routine and stay CONSISTENT. Something is better than nothing. 2. Start lifting weights sooner. Resistance training is better than cardio. Not only does it make you stronger, but your balance improves, your coordination improves, AND it’s a great cardio workout as well! Another huge benefit? Your confidence improves. 3. Eat more protein. I was a HUGE snacker. Sweet. Salty. It didn’t matter… By eating more protein (most people don’t eat enough), I didn’t snack as much because it got rid of my cravings. I also saw better results from my workouts. 4. Take vitamins and supplements. I could have saved a LOT of day

Suffering From “Middle- Aged Spread”. Heres Your Action Plan

Your fad diet nightmare

  Have you noticed how people jump on board with a popular fad diet, lose 5, 10 or even 20 pounds…only to gain it all back and then some. Why does this happen? It’s actually a simple concept, and once you understand it you will be forever saved from the tortures of yo-yo dieting. ( Read Diet Dropouts HERE !) Fad diets saddle you with unsustainable calorie restrictions and some even cut out entire food groups just to produce that short lived drop in weight—a process that is actually harmful to your long term metabolism. The fad diets also ignore one major component to shaping up: exercise. You see, most fad diets operate on one age old premise:  cut calories, cut calories, cut calories.  By restricting the type and amount of food consumed the fad dieter usually sees an immediate drop in weight. If only it stopped there… But it doesn’t stop there. Life continues, and the fad dieter returns to their pre-diet eating habits—with one major difference in their body due to the sud

8 reasons to work out that AREN’T weight loss

  A while ago I conducted a non-scientific (but still eye-opening!) poll. I asked a bunch of people who had a regular workout routine WHY they exercised. A lot of these people were in their 60s, 70s, and beyond, and most of them had been working out for decades. (for 5 Workout Secrets Read THIS ) Their answer: The mood and mental health benefits! There is REAL science to back that up. We usually associate cardio with lifting your spirits, but it turns out strength training is also a MAJOR mood and mental health booster. Studies show that strength training can help with: Less anxiety Lower depression Sharper thinking Better memory More energy & less chronic fatigue Better sleep More confidence and self-esteem Plus an even longer list of physical health benefits Still, if you’ve never tried strength training before, getting started can seem a little intimidating. That’s why in The Applied Fitness Method we custom-design a

Basic Fat Loss Math (Know The Numbers!)

  Would you like to be 50 pounds lighter just 12 months from now?  Can you image how you would look?  You’d look like a whole new, younger person.  It’s actually much easier than you think, and I’m not talking about invasive, costly surgery, or grueling routines.  All it takes is losing one pound each week. One single pound.  Let’s break it down mathematically. A pound is 3,500 calories—spread that over 7 days and you need a 500-calorie deficit each day to lose 1 pound in a week.  Your 500-calorie deficit can be done by a combination of increased calorie exertion (exercise) as well as a decrease in calories consumed (eating less). First, record your normal weekly exercise – look at everything from walking to participating in sports to exercising in the gym. This is your starting point. From here you’ll need to burn an additional 3500 calories on top of your normal weekly exercise.  If you don’t currently exercise, then any new activity will count toward

Are You Beach Body Ready?

 If you’re not ready to bare it on all the beach yet, I have an extremely effective 2-step method for losing belly fat faster than ever that I’d like to share with you today… Step One:  This step requires zero extra effort on your part! In fact all you have to do is NOT do something that you’re currently doing! You stop consuming refined sugar, in all its forms. This means no sodas, no desserts, no packaged snacks, no candy, no mocha lattes, NO SUGAR AT ALL! (However, Don't Starve Yourself. Read THIS for more!) When you stop to evaluate your diet, it may be shocking to find out how much refined sugar has crept in. Nothing will contribute to fat gains as swiftly as consuming sugar, so it makes sense that cutting sugar out is the top must-do for shedding those unwanted pounds.  It’s not necessary, or beneficial, to starve yourself during this time of rapid fat loss – you should fill in your diet with lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds as you cut out the refined suga

Top Reasons To Strength Train (particularly if you are OVER 40!)