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this 7 day challenge really works

  What if you could change your relationship with food in just 7 days? This means better results, fewer cravings and easy weight loss… The Real Food Challenge This real food challenge has the potential to change your body forever. Take the next 7 days to ONLY eat real food. One week is a very short time in the grand scheme of things, and I know you can do this. Just try it for one week to see and feel the difference in your body. What is Read Food? Here’s an easy way to tell if your food is real or not: If your food can go bad, it’s good for you. If your food can’t go bad, it’s bad for you. Real food is fresh and unprocessed. The Rules During the next 7 days you will avoid eating all of the following food items: Bread Grains Rice Crackers & Chips Packaged snacks Sugar & Corn Syrup Soda Pop Packaged Bars Baked Goods Candy Here’s a list of the real foods that you will eat instead: Seasonal, organic Vegetables Seasonal, organic Fruits Lean, organic meat, fish & eggs Nuts and S

SO close!

  There is one reason why most people haven’t yet reached their goals, and it’s a simple one. It’s something that I’ve struggled in the past, and it just may be the one thing that’s holding you back from your big breakthrough. That one thing is consistency. Think about it. The difference that separates a fitness star from a couch potato is the consistency with which the former applies to their diet and exercise routine. That’s it! Look, I know you can exercise and eat right. You’ve done it before! But a fitness plan only works when you consistently stay with it. You start, stop, start again, take a few days off, then get back on track. This haphazard effort will never lead to a dramatic body transformation! What if I told you that you’re 5 feet from gold? That if you simply dug in a little deeper, and stuck with the program with consistency, you’d finally achieve the big results that you’ve been hoping for all along. You are 5 feet from gold; don’t stop now! The fact is that anyone can

My best tip

  A lot of people have been asking me lately… “How do I stay on track?” “What’s the secret to keep seeing results?” This time of year, one of two things tend to happen: You’ve been doing well with your routine, but your results are starting to plateau. Or… You’re struggling to stay on track if you haven’t fallen off already. So here is my BEST tip… You MUST get a minimum of 3 workouts per week in. Now before you blow off this tip, let me explain! Everything snowballs from 3 workouts per week. When you work out 3x per week a few things happen: You want to eat better because you worked out. You sleep better. You have more energy. You FEEL better. You are more motivated. You want to keep working out. Now you aren’t always going to feel like working out, but I promise you won’t regret it. So, pull up your calendar right now and create an event for each of your workouts this week and moving forwards. You’ve got this! 💪 Dedicated to your success, Brian P.S Whenever you are ready we ar

I don’t feel like it today

  There are going to be days you don’t feel like doing anything. I get it! I’ve been there 1000x before. But want to know the secret to achieving any goal in life? Something is better than nothing. It doesn’t matter what goal you are trying to accomplish, ANY progress is better than no progress at all. You are human. And to be human means that you are not going to be motivated 100% of the time. In fact even if you were motivated 80% of the time, that would be a LOT. Yet we beat ourselves up because we feel as though we should be like Mel Gibson from Braveheart rallying ourselves to victory 24 hours a day. It’s insane that we think this way. You are always going to go through ebbs and flows. For periods of time you will be highly motivated. Other times you are barely scraping by. It’s during the times that you are barely scraping by that doing something is better than doing nothing. And I do truly mean that you can do ANYTHING. It doesn’t matter what it is or for how long. It just n