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Trying To Lose Weight⎟Forget The Scale...

Your Holiday Survival Strategy

  There's no denying that the holidays have arrived. Lights have been strung, gifts are being wrapped and holiday treats are everywhere. It's no secret that most people gain 5 to 10 pounds over the next month. With all the parties, special meals and edible gifts, weight gain is pretty much inevitable...right? Not so fast. I've come up with a survival strategy to keep holiday pounds from making a permanent home on your hips. This strategy is very simple. I'm not expecting you to have the time to log all your calories or eat every meal at home. We are going to be realistic... Golden Tip to Avoid Holiday Pounds: Spend the next 4 weeks eating like a caveman, with 2 daily exceptions. Here's why: Holiday pounds are caused by eating too many foods that are high in carbohydrates and simple sugars. You can avoid all that by sticking with an eating plan created by our pre-historic ancestors, while still keeping things fun by allowing for 2 small daily exceptio

9 New Rules of Lean Eating

  You'd like your eating plan to work for you - to get you the results that you want without lots of complicated steps. The good news is that lean eating does not mean complicated just means eating smart. Read on for the NEW rules of lean eating that will make fat loss second nature. And don't worry, lean eating can still be very delicious. In fact, you'll find many of your new, lean meals to be better in flavor and more satisfying than your old, fattening eats. 1. Eat the RIGHT Type of Carbs There is a hierarchy for which carbs have a place in a lean diet and which carbs will only fatten you up. The success of your eating plan rests squarely on which of these carbs you regularly include in your diet. Green Vegetables Non-Green Vegetables Fruit Whole Grains and Starches Refined Grains Foods with Added Sugar The top 3 ranked carbs are where 90% of the carbs in your diet should be coming order to get that lean physique that you want. Immediately cut

One thing to NEVER have on Thanksgiving

Everyone has a favorite dish for Thanksgiving, but there is one thing you should never have on your plate. It's not what think: pies, candied yams, stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes, those are all fine. What you want to avoid is: guilt. It's one day. Got nuts. Have fun. Eat all the things. Just, plan on getting back on track Friday. Enjoy the Holiday. Enjoy the Day, Enjoy The Downtime :) Happy Thanksgiving, Brian #buffalopersonaltraining #appliedfitness

5 Tips For Your Best Body

Your Personalized Pep Talk

Don't skim over this post...because I'm writing just to you today. Sure, I may not know your name or where you live, but I understand the frustrations that you have when it comes to you body. I know all about your insecurities over the size of your thighs and how hopeless that can feel. And today I'm here to motivate you to take action. The answer to your body frustrations is to get you up off the couch and into the gym, day after day. So here's my pep talk in bullet form— 21 rewards that you will gain from regular exercise. Do yourself a favor and print this list and post it where you'll see it every day. When you need motivation or encouragement, simply read over this list and take action. Remember that action alleviates anxiety . So whenever you're feeling anxious over the current shape of your body, take that as a reminder to jump into action. And then begin to reap these 21 rewards of exercise... 1. You'll reset your body: Exercise has been described as