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Want Faster, Easier and Quicker Fat Loss Results (duh…who doesn’t!)

Secret To a Supercharged Metabolism

Protein is the secret to a supercharged metabolism because protein FEEDS lean muscle. Lean muscle is responsible for a strong sexy posture and lean muscle burns 3 times as many calories at rest as fat does. This means that the more lean muscle you have the more calories you burn… If you want to get or stay lean you MUST make protein a priority. Here are 3 ways to supercharge your metabolism: 1. Set a protein GOAL To keep things very simple you should be aiming for just under 1 gram of protein per pound of desired bodyweight. So, for example, if you currently weigh 150 pounds but your goal weight is 130 pounds -- you should be aiming to hit about 120 grams of protein per day. When deciding where to use your calories in a day make sure you always prioritize protein these means every single meal should include a high-quality lean protein -- pick your protein first then look at your remaining calories for fat and carbohydrates. 2. Two Shakes a Day One of the best ways to prioritiz

3 simple eating habits for fat loss

  If you’re looking to lose weight then these 3 habits are a must… 80% of your fat loss results are based on your diet. You can exercise hard every single day, but if you are making these 3 common mistakes then fat loss is going to be slow or nonexistent… Diet Habit #1: Eat More Wholesome Calories Starvation diets simply do not work. Restricting too many calories slows your metabolism to a grinding stop and causes your body to store those precious calories instead of burning them off. But that’s not all… Starvation diets inevitably lead to rebounding with overeating that causes you to gain even more weight. There is a huge benefit to eating the right amount of wholesome calories, spread out throughout the day. Your metabolism is revved up and fat loss becomes automatic. Of course, these must be WHOLESOME calories and not junk! Diet Habit #2: Eat More Protein Protein is important for a variety of reasons, and sadly most of us simply do not get enough protein in our daily diets. When it

When you’re too tired for self-care

  The other day I saw a former client at the grocery store. She’s a great person – always makes me smile! But as soon as she saw me, she actually looked like she felt guilty. “I keep meaning to get back in to see you, but honestly I’ve been too tired to even think about it,” she told me. Guess what? I totally get it! At some point during the past couple of years, we’ve probably ALL felt too tired: worn out and like everything was just too much work. Even our own self-care. But I’m going to tell you something you already know, deep down. Once you get (re)started, you’re going to feel so good – so POSITIVE – that you’ll wonder why you waited so long. There’s nothing more energizing than GETTING STARTED. Because you realize it’s not the big deal you’ve built it up to be in your head … you feel proud of yourself for taking action … and you get excited about all the possibilities! That positivity moves you forward until you start experiencing all of those amazing physical benefits … … th