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10000, 150 & 100 3 Numbers You NEED To Know For Fat Loss

Knowing the metrics, targets and goals on a daily, weekly basis can help a ton when trying to lose weight. Instead of just "winging it" try and aim for these very important 3 numbers. Spoiler Alert: the last one (100) is the hardest to do BUT so worth it!

The Pitfalls of Jumping From Program to Program for Fat Loss

🏋️‍♂️💪 FITNESS TIP: Trying to lose weight super fast by switching from program to program is like trying to time the stock market by jumping from investment to investment. Just like with investing, consistency is key when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Instead of constantly changing your approach, stick with a solid plan, stay disciplined, and trust the process. Remember, slow and steady progress is sustainable progress! #FitnessTip #ConsistencyIsKey #TrustTheProcess 📈💰

5 Small Changes for Big Fitness Wins This Week 💪

Today, I'm excited to tell you about the power of small changes.  Sometimes, it is the smallest adjustments in our routines can lead to the most SIGNIFICANT benefits over time.  As we continue our journey together this April, let's focus on making tiny tweaks that can have a huge impact on our fitness goals. 1. Swap Your Snack: Instead of reaching for processed snacks, try a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. It's a simple change that adds nutrients and energy to your day. 2. Take a Walking Break: If you find yourself sitting for long periods, set a timer to take a 5-minute walking break every hour. It's great for your circulation and will help clear your mind. 3. Hydration Station: Increase your water intake by keeping a water bottle at your desk, in your bag, and wherever you go. Add slices of cucumber or lemon for a refreshing twist. 4. Mindful Minutes: Dedicate the first 5 minutes of your morning to mindfulness or meditation. Starting your day with a clear, focuse

Soul Crushing Workouts and Doomed To Fail Starvation Diets

Avoid The Soul Crushing Workouts and Doomed-To-Fail Starvation Diets,,, cardio, more calories burnt. Fewer training days, more lean definition. More food, less fat stores. This is the 'easy mode' version of toning up... And you want to know what makes it all possible? Simple: A faster metabolism….

The most important thing for fat loss

There is  one thing  that increases your fat loss. Without it, you will continue the never ending cycle of poor results. It’s not working out… It’s not macros… It’s not even walking… It’s even more fundamental than any of those! Here it is… It’s self-trust. Doing the things you say you’re going to do. Think back to the past year… How many times did you break a promise to yourself? I know I’ve been guilty of it! And it doesn’t need to be anything big… It could be that you were going to get up and go to the gym in the morning, but it was cold and raining… Or a work meeting went long and that’s why you didn’t track your food.  I’ll just start next week, you think to yourself. But these small broken promises make it harder and harder for you to stay on track. You can’t build on a broken foundation! So how do you fix it? How do you repair the trust with yourself? Make the smallest possible commitment and keep i

Exercise is Queen and Nutrition is King

Ever heard the saying, "Exercise is queen and nutrition is king"? 🏋️‍♀️👑 It's a powerful duo that reigns supreme in the fitness kingdom. Building muscle and losing fat isn't just about lifting weights or running miles. It's a dance between the energy you expend and the fuel you take in. Nutrition lays the groundwork for transformation; it's the king that sets the rules. What you eat determines the quality of your kingdom—your body.

This Ever Happen To You?

It happens to everyone. That moment when you realize that it’s time to do something about your weight. It may happen when you’re looking in the mirror or standing on the scale. Your first thought is to go on a ‘diet’ but as quickly as that enters your mind the ghosts of a hundred diets past return…along with all the frustration. (READ What Are You Waiting For ) Then you wonder, why bother? The weight will come back, as it always has. Then you’ll be back in front of the mirror as discouraged as ever. The answer is not to go on another diet. The answer is to create a vision and make it a priority. Creating a Vision.  What exactly do you wish to accomplish? If it’s weight loss, exactly how much weight? What size will you be when your goal is accomplished? Can you picture what you’ll look and feel like? Take time to clearly visualize what you really want to accomplish. This is your vision. Make it a Priority.  Having a vision is great, but unless you make i

Client Journey- What To Expect When Just Starting Out At Applied Fitness

The Applied Fitness Method begins each client's weight loss and fat loss journey with an individualized and customized approach. I totally understand and get the fact that starting anything new (especially aa fitness program) can be challenging, overwhelming, and intimidating. So in this video, I explain what to expect when just starting out at Applied Fitness. In this video, I explain the assessment process and the role it serves in helping you and your coach design, develop and deploy a personalized program specifically for you.

The #1 Indicator of Fat Loss Success

There's a common thread between ALL the biggest success stories. It's not that they hit their macros or worked out perfectly all the time. Most didn't. And it wasn't because they had more time or better genes. Many are career-driven, have families, and look completely different after working with us. So did they have pre-existing experience with macros and strength training before joining? Hardly. Some had never tracked macros seriously or ever touched a weight before coming to us... And were hesitant to set foot in the studio So what gives? What's their secret? It was their consistency. Which many of them did NOT have until they joined.

When To NEVER Cut Calories

Even if your goal is to drop lbs... There's one sign you should never, under any circumstances, start cutting calories. It requires that you listen to your body... Because if you ignore this cue, even with the best intentions... You can mistakenly add fat and lose muscle even if you're training at your max. To discover your body's cue telling you whether it's safe to cut...

Are You Eating Enough...

  If fat loss is the goal, the necessary strategy is a calorie deficit. The problem with that is most people are creating too large of a deficit, which works in the very beginning, but then ends up plateauing, or even worse, ending up with a few more pounds of fat than when you started. The other problem is staying in the correct calorie deficit for too long without going back to a maintenance period to avoid metabolic adaptations. I have worked with so many clients who have DESTROYED their metabolisms with a low-calorie intake and excessive beatdown workouts. That’s how we were told to do it, right? Starve ourselves and workout like crazy. The unfortunate repercussions are what we are seeing now. One of the hardest conversations to have with a new client is explaining that we need to eat more, and potentially gain some weight, to heal the metabolism before we can then get ready to strive for fat loss. Here are six signs that you are not eating enough: Are you always tired and have low