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When your schedule gets in the way of your workouts

  Picture this: You finally get home after a long day and your stomach is growling. So you tell yourself, “Time for a healthy, home-cooked meal!" But then you raid your fridge, cabinets, and pantry, and… Not a healthy option in sight. If this sounds familiar, you are NOT alone. And it doesn’t just happen with home-cooked meals. Without careful attention, other healthy habits can quickly fall off your radar, too. Like when your schedule gets a little out of control and you let a few workouts slide…  Or you end up staying up too late one night and spend the rest of the week trying to catch up on your sleep. We unintentionally create so many unnecessary obstacles that block us from reaching our goals! 👉 Good news: I’ve got a simple formula that will help you stop that from happening…  So you can take control of your environment — and get those results you’re working toward. All you have to do is come up with a “one-two action plan” that:

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What if you could do anything?

  A lot of us nowadays are doing something that doesn’t do us (or the world!) any favors. We play small. By that I mean, we hold ourselves back — and don’t go after the things we really want. In other words, we settle. When we do this, not only are we depriving ourselves — but we’re also depriving the world of our gifts and our potential!  Well, let’s make 2024 the year that stops! It’s time to THINK BIGGER. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and go after the things that you truly want. And I’ve got some great news: it is absolutely possible to go after big goals in a way that’s HEALTHY, STRATEGIC, and (yes!) FUN.  Let me walk you through the process…  FIRST: Mark your goal You probably already have an idea or two in the back of your head of something you want to accomplish this year (or even over the next couple of years). And if you don’t, take some time to think about what would give your life more meaning, more purpose, and hel

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What’s YOUR version of 100%?

 What if you woke up tomorrow and decided to give the day your VERY BEST? And by that I mean, you intentionally decide to give everything you do 100% of your attention, focus, and effort. And then you BRING IT. This isn’t something you can do EVERY day — because you’d burn out — but once in a while? It’s AMAZING. Here’s why: It helps you see what 100% of your effort looks and feels like It helps you pinpoint your priorities and what truly needs your full attention vs. what doesn’t It keeps you focused and in the moment  It helps you push the needle forward on what you’re capable of — no slacking allowed And it doesn’t have to be for an entire day! Even spending just an hour or two in “100%” mode a few times a week can yield HUGE results.  It can also help you level up because you’ll be able to easily recognize when you’re not operating at your absolute best. Another thing I love: you get to decide what your 100% looks like. Example

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Look Your Best for the Holidays

With holiday parties and gatherings quickly approaching, most of us are now thinking about looking our best while dressed in our finest. Too bad that losing body fat is a slow and steady process, rather than an instantaneous fix. However…I do have an extremely effective 2-step method for losing belly fat faster than ever, and I’d like to share it with you today so that you can utilize it to look and feel your best this holiday season. Look Your Best for the Holidays.  This deadly, fat-incinerating method fights fat simultaneously on two separate fronts for maximum effectiveness: your sugar intake and your high intensity workouts. First:  This step requires zero extra effort on your part! In fact all you have to do is NOT do something that you’re currently doing! You stop consuming refined sugar, in all its forms. This means no sodas, no desserts, no packaged snacks, no candy, no mocha lattes, NO SUGAR AT ALL! When you stop to evaluate your diet, it may be shocking to find out how much

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YOUR New Years Fat Loss Plan

  As the countdown to the New Year begins, many of us find ourselves reflecting on the past and contemplating the future. It’s the perfect time to set goals and make resolutions, especially when it comes to our health and fitness. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of setting healthy New Year’s resolutions and provide you with some practical tips to ensure your journey towards fitness success. Define Your Goals: The first step towards achieving fitness success is to define your goals. Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve flexibility, or enhance overall well-being? Be specific and set achievable targets that align with your personal preferences and abilities. Create a Realistic Plan: Once you have established your fitness goals, it’s essential to create a realistic plan that fits into your lifestyle. Set aside dedicated time for exercise and choose activities that you enjoy. Whether it’s hitting the gym, joining a yoga class, or going for a daily walk, con

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