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Struggle with all or nothing thinking? Do this...

Do you ever find yourself getting really frustrated matter how hard you seem to try, sticking to a diet or workout routine always seems to fail? It’s not because of your intentions and it’s not because of your desire to change. It’s because you’ve fallen into the trap that we all do which is…....."if I can’t follow the plan 100% I won’t see results, so what’s the use?" Now that Summer is here, that mindset can derail us even more. But this thinking is exactly why most of us go up and down for YEARS when it comes to our health and fitness goals. It's the classic "all or nothing mentality". But here's the doesn't take discipline to get the results you're after. It just takes consistency. There's a BIG difference. Discipline is all about a strict and rigid adoption of RULES. Rules that, if broken, require punishment. When we apply that punishment to ourselves it usually means self loathing, and ultimately self sabotage.

3 Secrets To Unstoppable Fat Loss

3 Secrets To Unstoppable Fat Loss I won't sugarcoat it — fitness is hard enough without making it more complicated. That's why I'm all about simple & effective! And few ingredients are more effective than my 3 "secrets"... Because while they might seem obvious, they only work if you USE them. Check out my 3 secrets for amazing performance, toning, and fat loss in this video!

5 Reasons (plus a bonus) Why You NEED To Be Doing Strength Training

5 Reasons (plus a BONUS) Why You NEED To Be Doing Strength Training 1. You won't get bulky. Seriously. Women who get bulky WANT to do it and work hard at it. It doesn't happen by accident. 2. You burn more calories at rest with lean muscle tissue, meaning you can work out less, eat more, and tone faster. 3. Bone strength. Weight-bearing exercise offers it in spades. 4. Energy. More muscle means more JUICE. Fewer energy troughs and spikes, better balance throughout the day. 5. Better sleep, rest, and recovery. Often within weeks (or less). But the BIGGEST reason I love strength training?

( FITNESS + NUTRITION ) x ACCOUNTABILITY = Unstoppable Fat Loss🔥🔥🔥

🔥🔥🔥 Ready to torch that stubborn fat and transform your body? It's not just about what you do in the gym or the kitchen – it's about the POWER of ACCOUNTABILITY! Join us as we unveil the ULTIMATE Fat Loss Success Formula that so many have missed. 🔥🔥🔥 🎬 In this video, we're diving deep into the three pillars of fat loss: FITNESS, NUTRITION, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, this proven formula is your key to sustainable fat loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Fat Loss After 40…. The Rules Have Changed!

The 'what', 'why', and 'how' of Fat Loss after 40 Want the inside scoop on fat loss after 40... So you understand how learning to work “WITH” your body and NOT “against” it helps build your ideal health and fitness and makes fat loss so much easier. The “OLD” way of doing Fatloss was doing super hard soul crushing workouts or following so starvation diet. And instead, choose the “NEW” way which works with your body. Your Goals. Your needs and your metabolism THIS is true freedom.

Weight Gain After 40: Understanding the Changes and Practical Solutions

  As we age, our bodies undergo various transformations, and weight gain is a common concern for many women over 40. But fear not! Instead of resorting to grueling workouts that leave you feeling drained, let’s explore the real reasons behind weight gain after 40 and discover effective strategies to maintain a healthy body. Hormones: The Culprit Hormonal Fluctuations : As you approach menopause, your hormones—such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—start to play tricks on you. These fluctuations lead to changes like decreased bone density, lean muscle loss, and mood swings. It’s like a hormonal rollercoaster! But remember, you’re not alone. Metabolism Matters Sluggish Metabolism : Blame it on the hormones again! Your resting metabolic rate naturally slows down with age, and lower estrogen levels contribute to this sluggishness. Plus, you tend to accumulate more fat, especially around your waistline. But here’s the secret: Stay Active! Regular exercise keep