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2 BIGGEST Weights Holding You Back In Your Weight Loss Journey

3 Fat Loss Tips That Don't Include Exercise

  In this episode we give you 3 fat loss tips that don't include exercise or diet. We focus on 3 things that can make your break your health and fitness results.

Is THIS blocking your fitness?

  Getting fit and healthy can be a challenge for a number of complex reasons that go deeper than simply calories-in versus calories-out. What you associate with “pain” and “pleasure” may be blocking your fitness success. You’re avoiding the WRONG pain. We are programmed to avoid pain and to seek out pleasure. Unfortunately, this can block your fitness success if you view healthy diet and exercise as pain to be avoided. Do you cringe at the thought of exercise? Does the idea of eating healthy make you feel deprived? If so then you are associating exercise and diet with pain, and this is setting you up to fail over and over. The simple way to fix this is to focus on the negative impact that your current weight has on your health, self-esteem and lifestyle. Remind yourself that the pain of being out of shape is much greater than the pain of losing weight. Once you decide that the biggest pain to be avoided is the pain of being out of shape, your fitness and weight loss will click into pla

Breaking BAD Habits and EMPOWERING Your Weight Loss

The real reason you skipped your workout

  It’s normal to exercise less this time of year. Most will blame this on all of the holiday activities that they have to take care of. The parties, the shopping, the baking, the wrapping… While it’s true that there’s a lot to do, that’s not really why you aren’t working out. You’ve been just as busy in the past and you managed to keep your workouts consistent. So what is it? Why did you skip your workout? It’s because of stress. The stress is real this time of year. There are obligations and expectations coming at you from every angle, and somehow you are supposed to juggle it all with a smile on your face. It’s a setup for mismanaged stress to wreak havoc on your healthy routine. Mismanaged stress leads to overeating, overdrinking, headaches, weight gain, anxiety, fatigue and trouble sleeping. All of this overwhelm makes the idea of heading to the gym for a workout pretty unappealing, especially when the other option is to get another hour of sleep. So the question for you, my friend

Thinking BIG and Tracking Small When Losing Weight