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Your Success Checklist| Weight Loss Results

  It’s the season for setting goals … and today I’ve got something that will help you to make them a reality! It’s a checklist to stay on-track, no matter what goals you’re working toward. Let’s jump in... 10 Steps to Conquering Your Goals 1. FOCUS & DECIDE. Instead of choosing several goals to work on all at the same time, harness all that energy and focus it toward just 1-2 main goals. 2. Pick the goal with your BIGGEST WHY. This is the goal that you emotionally connect with and have a STRONG REASON for choosing. (example: “I want to have the energy to play with my kids.” - that’s a pretty big reason) It’s your “WHY” that keeps you going, so it has to be a good one. 3. COMMIT (No, Really.) Commit the right amount of resources (time, energy, and attention) to make your goal a reality. Treat it like anything else important in your life - because it IS! 4. MAKE A PLAN. Every Sunday, set aside 15-30 minutes to plan out your week and make sure you have what you need on-hand and read

Ready for that first step?

  When it comes to making a change that lasts, we know that starting with one habit before you add in another dramatically increases your chances of success. This is what stepping out of your comfort zone is all about. Its about challenging yourself to do something you've never done before or something you feel "awkward" over. A challenge is designed to give you tools and guidance to make that first step with ease and give you continued success with your goals! Here’s the thing: We know that showing up to a gym you’ve never been to is one of the top 5 scariest things you can do... You’re afraid people are going to judge you because you don’t know what you’re doing, you think the trainers are going to force you to do exercises that are too hard, and you’re worried you will feel lost and alone. At Applied Fitness we are not a Gym or overcrowded boot camp. Our private and semi-private sessions are designed speicifically for you. Workouts individualized to your goals. Meal pl

recovery time

The holidays are OVER! Your body is puffy and bloated. Your joints are achy. Your clothes feel tight. Let’s quickly get you back on the fitness fast track. 1) It’s Over. Draw a line in the sand. The bad eating stops now. 2) Hydrate. The only way to restore balance is to get hydrated with lots of water. 3) Eat Whole. For the next few weeks stick with only whole, real foods like fruits, vegetables and some lean meat. 4) Drink Greens. Either powdered or fresh, greens will help restore balance. If you’re drinking fresh green juice avoid adding lots of fruit. (try the low carb green smoothie recipe below) 5) Hit the Gym. Time to sweat it out. I have just the exercise plan for you – one that will not only help you recover from your holiday indulgences but will also help keep you motivated and going strong in the future. If you haven’t joined yet, now is the perfect time to start. Together we will get you focused on your goals with my results-driven method. Simply call or email today t

Your 2021 Fat Loss and Weight Loss Journey

chasing that feeling

Do you have a goal weight? Or do you have a goal feeling? IT’S NOT ABOUT REACHING A NUMBER. ,/ A number on the scale is just an idea. How do you get that idea to become reality? The number that you’re hoping to magically be one day doesn’t matter one bit, and here’s why…{ Read: Beyond The Scale.. 5 Benefits Of Fat Loss } IT’S ABOUT LIVING IN THE MOMENTUM. Can you remember how it felt the last time that you ate clean, exercised hard and got adequate sleep for a few consecutive days? A feeling of momentum came over you, didn’t it? There was a buzzing in your cells and a rhythm in your pace. You felt alive, you felt sexy, and you felt empowered. Never mind that you weren’t yet at your goal number, you were headed there! Getting down to your goal weight, and fitting into your goal size, is the direct result of living in that state of momentum for an extended period of time. You see, the momentum can be felt immediately, once you start eating clean, exercising hard and taking care of your